Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT): Safety Training for Crisis and Conflict Areas


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in this article, you will learn more about Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT), a training program designed for individuals operating in dangerous or hostile environments, both personally and professionally. Discover why our HEAT training is crucial for safety in crisis and conflict areas and explore the contents and aspects that can save lives, protect freedom and preserve health.

What is Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)?

HEAT training, offered by TACFIS GmbH, adheres to UN guidelines and is specifically designed to equip individuals in dangerous environments with the necessary skills and awareness for personal safety. The training focuses on risk identification, threat avoidance and the development of survival capabilities.

Why is HEAT training recommended?

HEAT training is of utmost importance in helping individuals cope with the challenges they face in hazardous regions. It provides practical skills and heightened risk awareness to effectively respond to diverse situations.

Content of HEAT training

Our HEAT training encompasses practical exercises, role plays, simulations and real-life scenario-based training. At TACFIS GmbH, theoretical modules such as travel preparation, mission planning, route creation and mine awareness complement practical exercises, role plays and workshop sessions. Realistic scenarios, including checkpoints, hostage situations and abductions, help participants experience theoretical concepts, stressors, stress management, and explore their limits within a safe training environment. Exchange of experiences among participants and with our instructors supports reflection, awareness, risk assessment, response and behavior.

Digital Security in Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT)

Within the framework of HEAT training, digital security has become increasingly significant. Thus as a company, we have incorporated relevant information that has a direct impact on security into our training program. Our goal is to raise awareness regarding digital threats, which can make a crucial difference in dangerous situations such as hostage-taking or abductions. This includes safeguarding privacy, encrypting communications and utilizing cybersecurity tools. Integrating digital security into HEAT training helps participants protect their digital identities and the sources of their information in hazardous environments.


Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) is an indispensable safety training program for individuals working and travelling in hazardous areas. It provides them with the necessary risk awareness and practical skills for safety and survival. By collaborating with renowned organizations, participants of TACFIS GmbH gain access to expertise and benefit from years of experience. HEAT training empowers individuals in dangerous areas to operate with greater security and fulfill their tasks effectively.

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