This course is developed to transfer theoretical knowledge for survival situations and building a team due to the experience of extreme situations and having to rely on the teammates. The course will start with a basic entrance fitness test to determine the individual fitness level which is considered to be developed to the better during the event of the course. Different fitness exercises are going to appear every day and can occur at any given time during the stay. Fitness adaptations take time and are not meant to be excessively high in this short period of time but adaptations to the better will take place. The main focus of the course is based on building a team and developing a strong bond between the participants. The main part of this course will take place outdoor and the participants will have to face different scenarios to ensure that theoretical parts are trained in practical situations. The participants will have to cross a river / waters, go on long distance hikes and face various different tasks, there will be medic situations, where they have to take care of their comrades and there will be various different fitness exercises, i.e. carrying / moving heavy objects (e.g. big tires), bodyweight training, climbing, swimming and many more.
The duration of the course is approximately 21 training days.
Price on demand.