Please note that this course is not an “immediate measures at the scene of an accident” course, but a course that teaches you more advanced knowledge of emergency medicine. Our team of instructors consists of experienced paramedics who are happy to pass on their knowledge to you. During the 5-day course, theoretical training is supplemented by reality-based scenarios. This enables a training that is unparalleled in the non-official training sector. According to SeeBewachDV §2, in order to be allowed to work in maritime security (Maritime Sicherheit), a security specialist in the team must be “a trained paramedic” (meaning, of course, a trained paramedic), but each team member must have knowledge in “first aid and lifesaving at sea” (SeeBewachV §10 para. 8). The training offered here trains, among other things, exactly this kind of lifesaving.

This course is an integral part of all our security guard training courses.
We are happy to create an individual training concept for existing personal protection teams.
English Language Skills are not required.
Seminar fees: EURO 1.490,00