The TACFIS GmbH was founded in 2001 under the name AASW GmbH, Training Academy for Safety. At that time, the shareholders developed chassis for specially protected vehicles and started offering driver trainings on these unusual and heavy cars. A short time later, the training offer was expanded. TACFIS GmbH began to train security personnel to become plant security specialists. In cooperation with the german IHK Regensburg the course “Security Specialist for Personal and Plant Security IHK” was developed. In 2006, TACFIS GmbH was certified according to ISO and as an AZAV carrier. Since then, several hundred course participants have successfully completed this training. Since May 2008, TACFIS GmbH has been training employees of NGOs, aid organizations, journalist associations and similar organizations and preparing these professional groups for their international assignments in crisis and war regions. Since 2009, the German Foreign Office in Berlin has been one of TACFIS’ clients. TACFIS GmbH trains German diplomats and local employees of the German embassies in a course that is precisely tailored to the constantly changing threats in the various countries and prepares them for their deployment in high-risk locations. The participants of these courses come to Waldmünchen from all over the world and are trained in driving specially protected vehicles, recognizing booby traps, radio communication, behavior during attacks and much more. In December 2011, Keywan Christian Kretschmer became a shareholder of AASW GmbH and has also been the managing director since then. In 2012, TACFIS GmbH purchased a 57,000 square meter property. The former site shooting range in Cham has since been used as a practice and training site for numerous trainings. Since 2012, TACFIS GmbH has not only offered training and education in the security sector, but also additional security services, if necessary also armed.The permits according to § 34a GewO and the WaffG were granted by the District Office Cham. To date, the TACFIS Training Academy for International Security Ltd.

has certified all training and further education measures in the security sector up to the specialist for protection and security AZAV. In 2015, TACFIS GmbH trained employees of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe). They underwent several weeks of training at TACFIS GmbH in preparation for their work as peace observers on the Ukrainian-Russian border. Their task there is to monitor the peace treaty between Russia and Ukraine agreed in Minsk. In 2019, TACFIS GmbH provided a Mobile Training Team (MTT) that held several Hostile Environment Awareness Trainings (HEAT) in the embassies of the Federal Republic of Germany in Iraq, Niger, Mali, Mauritania and Burkina Faso. In the fall of 2019, Mrs. Manuela Behmeta took over company shares of TACFIS GmbH and thus became the second shareholder. Due to the increased share of international customers in recent years, AASW GmbH, Training Academy for Security, changed its name to TACFIS GmbH, Trainings Academy for International Security, in fall 2019. In April 2020, TACFIS GmbH received the AZAV certification to offer training and further education measures via online learning. TACFIS GmbH has been successfully training security personnel as a competent training partner for more than 20 years now. In the past 10 years, it has been able to release almost all students who have successfully completed the courses into employment subject to social security contributions or into self-employment. In addition, TACFIS GmbH has been successfully training employees of various federal ministries, companies, associations, NGOs and authorities as well as diplomats for many years for their work in places of special risk in crisis and war zones. TACFIS GmbH attaches great importance to a balanced training. It not only provides theoretical training, but also teaches the course participants in a practical manner. For this purpose, TACFIS GmbH has its own 58,000 square meter training area. Almost all practical training situations can be practiced there.